Goddess Path Moon Ritual Circle

Goddess Path Moon Ritual Circle

 Do you feel a longing and a call to connect more consistently with the cycles of the Moon, in the circle of your sisters and brothers? Well, I have been hearing that call as well, and am extending the Full Moon Ritual to become a part of a Moon Ritual Circle that I invite you to become a member of.

The Moon phases have been captivating humans for a long, long time. This luminous body travels across our night sky waxing and waning, influencing the bodies of water around us and within us, as well as within the plants and trees. Women have known through the ages how the moon affects our bleeding cycle as well as herbalists who know when the best time in the moon cycle is to harvest the plants for their maximum potential.

There is something so mystical and magical about the moon. I have always loved the beauty of the full moon and her potent energy. I still remember the powerful double rainbow I saw on a full moon night after a spot of rain in Connemara, Ireland. I knew then that faery folk actually existed! I could practically see them dancing. Those moments together strung like pearls across time eventually led me to my life and work as Priestess of Avalon and Priestess of Goddess.

After creating and offering individual Full Moon Rituals, I am now being called to create a Moon Ritual Circle online.
NEW MOONS are a time of ending and beginning, a place of great surrender and potential. It is a powerful time to set intent for the coming cycle, to become quiet and in the cave of the Grandmother Crone Goddess, receive guidance. The New Moon Rituals will be Live, offered via Zoom or FB Live, focusing our attention and energy on release, surrender, stillness, rest, so that we can Begin Again. It’s like a pause at the end of exhale before we start our inhale.

FULL MOONS are a time of great manifestation with an outward moving energy and expression. It’s a point of culmination of the intent set at New Moon. As the Moon waxes from New to Full, we are moving through a period of growth from Maiden into the full bloom of Mother or abundance. As the Moon then wanes towards the New Moon, we are in the process of release and surrender, of going within to the Cave of the Crone for death and regeneration. Full Moon Home Rituals will continue to be a Home Practice, meaning they will be pre-recorded and dropped to you a few days before the Full Moon each month. The videos will be divided into Prep. (suggestions on how to set up the altar and what the astrological significances are for that particular Full Moon), Ritual, Journey, and Closing. It’s a powerful way to learn how to create and enter into sacred, ritual space of your own making.

Goddess Path Moon Ritual Circle is subscription based. It includes:
  • New Moon Live in a virtual Zoom circle or on Facebook Live (recording will be made available if you cannot attend live)
  • Full Moon Home Ritual
  • ​Dedicated and closed Facebook group where you can connect with the Moon Ritual community to discuss and share your Moon inspirations, photos, dreams, visions, experiences, artwork. It will be a safe and inclusive space monitored by Yukiko and her team
  • ​Inspirational offerings from Yukiko (e.g.) Healing Ritual, Divination card readings, etc. during the waxing and/or waning phases.


Monthly Subscription: 
Goddess Path Moon Ritual Circle

Monthly Subscription: 
Goddess Path Moon Ritual Circle

Great savings from buying Rituals individually at $33/Full Moon and $33/New Moon (when it becomes available)!!
Normal Price: $49 / month

$42 / month

(with automatic renewal each month unless you cancel)